What types of SIM Cards do M2M One supply?

What types of SIM Cards do M2M One supply?

M2M One stock 5 varieties of SIM cards

  1. M2M Standard (2FF) SIM Cards
  2. M2M Micro (3FF) SIM Cards
  3. M2M Industrial Strength (Ruggedised 2FF) SIM Cards
  4. M2M Surface Mounted/Solderable SIM Chips

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      M2M One NZ SIM cards operate and connect to Spark NZ's cellular networks. 5G Spark 5G network uses N78. 5G NSA Spark's initial 5G deployment is ‘NSA’ (non-stand-alone). What this means is that a device first needs to connect to 4G before it can ...
    • Spark Network Coverage

      M2M One NZ SIM cards operate on Spark's Mobile network across New Zealand. Spark has an online coverage tool (https://www.spark.co.nz/coverage) that allows you to check coverage at an address or explore nationwide. You can select/browse different ...
    • What payment options do M2M One accept?

      M2M One NZ payment methods: Secure online payments by Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard), or Account2Account option Direct deposit payments Direct debit payments (Smart Debit) For further information about payment options email accounts@m2mone.co.nz
    • What data plans do M2M One offer?

      M2M One offer 2 specific kinds of data plan, with allowances ranging from 0.5MB to 300MB. Individual Data Plans - These have a fixed monthly data allowance, once the SIM reaches that limit it will automatically be moved into a suspended state until ...
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      All services from M2M One are supplied and billed in advance. NOTE:  Only excess data usage, additional Pay-Per Use features (SMS, etc) and services are billed in a post-paid format. M2M One offer the following subscription cycles Monthly - Monthly ...