How do I start with M2M One NZ?

How do I start with M2M One NZ?

Get Connected with M2M One NZ in 3 simple steps

Step 1 - Create Account/Sign Up

      Complete our online account/sign-up process and we will setup your M2M One NZ account

Step 2 - Order/Delivery

      Talk to us about your requirements and we will find you a solution. When you place an order, we configure your SIM Cards with data/SMS/voice to suit your needs and deliver to you.

Step 3 - Get Connected

      SIMs are ready out of the box. Configure your device, insert SIM, power up, ‘Connect’… Login to the M2M One NZ Control Centre to manage SIMs, monitor, control, and diagnose connectivity online.

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    • How to access the M2M One NZ Control Centre?

      View and manage your M2M SIM cards online: Your username and password are generated and issued to you after you have signed up or if you were granted access by one of your colleagues More ...
    • What payment options do M2M One accept?

      M2M One NZ payment methods: Secure online payments by Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard), or Account2Account option Direct deposit payments Direct debit payments (Smart Debit) For further information about payment options email
    • What data plans do M2M One offer?

      M2M One offer 2 specific kinds of data plan, with allowances ranging from 0.5MB to 300MB. Individual Data Plans - These have a fixed monthly data allowance, once the SIM reaches that limit it will automatically be moved into a suspended state until ...
    • What payment & subscriptions terms do M2M One offer?

      All services from M2M One are supplied and billed in advance. NOTE:  Only excess data usage, additional Pay-Per Use features (SMS, etc) and services are billed in a post-paid format. M2M One offer the following subscription cycles Monthly - Monthly ...
    • What types of SIM Cards do M2M One supply?

      M2M One stock 5 varieties of SIM cards M2M Standard (2FF) SIM Cards M2M Micro (3FF) SIM Cards M2M Industrial Strength (Ruggedised 2FF) SIM Cards M2M Surface Mounted/Solderable SIM Chips For more details and specifications Click Here